Black Eagle Partners
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About Us
We view our operational, hands-on approach as a value-added advantage and seek to invest in businesses that want more than just capital. BlackEagle's investment professionals spend their time collaborating with management teams to identify new market opportunities and provide the capital to pursue them. By providing capital to invest in new and improved operations, upgrade management teams, improve sales organizations, implement Lean techniques, and grow through organic and strategic acquisition, our experience is that these improvement opportunities can make lasting impacts on an organization and ultimately improve the value of a company.

The bedrock of BlackEagle is the belief that substantial long-term value appreciation can be created with the right combination of capital and strategic resources. Our investment philosophy is grounded in first understanding the operations of a company in order to best leverage its strengths as well as identify opportunities for improvement. Through use of key performance indicators, outside-the-box thinking, and active corporate governance, we are unique to private equity funds serving as a trusted partner to management teams, not just a new owner.